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The Company

We are an established independent technology consultancy based near Cambridge in the UK.



What we do


The output of our efforts is usually a:

   Market Assessment Report 

   Marketing Strategy

   Business Plan

   System Specification

   Systems Engineering Design

Image: Industrial construction site

But we also specialise in working on-site to help you:

   Implement environmental management systems

   Initiate new business development programmes

   Respond to complex requests for proposal



Who we work with


We mostly operate in high-value, high technology areas, working with industry, research organisations and government agencies in Europe, North America and Southern Africa, covering:







   Transport & Tourism



Our Performance Standards


In the sensitive area of consultancy, most of our customers prefer that our contribution remains anonymous. We understand and respect this commercial imperative.

We therefore always operate within the terms of a non-disclosure agreement, maintain a strict ‘conflicts of interest’ policy and will not reveal our clients' identity, without their express agreement.

We are listed on the National Business Link Consultants Register and conform with the code of professional conduct, ethical guidelines and standards established by the Institute of Management Consultancy.


How to contact us

Telephone:          +44 (0) 1406 380 562

Facsimile:            +44 (0) 1406 381 250

Postal Address:    PO Box 7, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB6 2BX, UK

E-mail:                 General Information:         queries@spmj.co.uk

                            Aerospace & Engineering: mike.jupp@spmj.co.uk

                            Environment & Research:  shirley.pugh@spmj.co.uk

                            Webmaster:                     web@spmj.co.uk


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