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Our Approach

We work closely with our clients, usually as part of a small management team, in either a leading or supporting role.

Our approach is flexible and interactive. It depends on the type of task we are asked to undertake and the availability of client personnel. 

An important goal in each project is to enhance our clients' skill base by sharing our expertise.

Our Work

Typically, we work with engineers, technologists and senior managers to help their enterprises benefit from changing market forces, environmental initiatives and technological development.

We have assisted industrial clients to grow their business through market and product development, worked with government departments to develop R&D strategies to promote technology transfer and implemented management systems to improve environmental performance.

Our Team

We have well developed consultancy skills, acquired while working with leading companies in Europe, Scandinavia, Southern Africa and the USA. 

Many of our consultants are fluent in key European languages and all are experienced in working in the diverse cultural environments of the three continents.

Our Fields of Expertise


Our proven business development expertise has been gained from performing a broad range of projects.

We have conducted detailed market research, defined new products, written technical specifications, determined marketing strategies and prepared business plans.

We have also been involved in every element of the proposal process, from the development of the Invitation to Tender through proposal preparation to tender evaluation.


We work with our clients to integrate environmental management and sustainability into their business.

Our consultants combine broad environmental skills with a practical business expertise of European and International industry.

We use this expertise to develop environmental strategies, implement environmental management systems and prepare for ISO 14001 certification.


There are a number of reasons why you might be interested in our skills.

Perhaps you have a new product that needs to be brought to market quickly, alternatively, you may wish to acquire a new technology to fill a gap in your current capability.

Whatever the situation, we can help you make technology a key to enhancing your Company's performance. 

Capability Statement

Over the past 10 years we have carried out well over 100 projects. 

The more significant ones are summarised in our Capability Statement, which you can download if you would like to.


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